Windows 8 – Success started

Success has been started. About 40 million licenses have been sold in one month of general availability of Windows 8. Check this post here.


Installed SharePoint 2013 on VM

After almost a day’s effort, successfully installed SharePoint 2013 on a Virtual Machine.

My environment is as follows
Approx 100 GB system drive
5.5 GB RAM
Windows Server 2012 Eval
SQL Server 2012
SharePoint 2013.

I did face some of the issues.

I purposely downloaded prerequisites individually and installed offline. Out of the prerequisites,

AppFabric is the one which gave some troubles.

Also workflow manager/SQL added an extra ” (quotes) in the PSModulePath in the Environment variables. This caused AppFabric to fail in installation. After resolving this AppFabric got installed successfully. Still SharePoint Setup didn’t recognize AppFabric. Found in a blog post and installed the AppFabric via Prerequisite Installer from the offline file.

Though slower, installation of SharePoint 2013 is successful. Installed a sample site collection with Developer Site template.

Need to try out different templates later. Especially need to try a SharePoint App. These days became App Enthusiast.

Go to Hardware and Software Requirements SharePoint 2013 – Links to applicable software. Wish it gave guidance for Windows 2012 also
1. The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found
The above error when tried to install Windows Identity Framework. As Windows 2012 similar to Windows 8, WIF has to be enabled in Windows Feature.

The blog post here helped to resolve the issue.
2. PSModulePath quotes issue
Need to remove quotes in the PSModulePath in Environment Variables.

The msdn forum post here helped to resolve this.
3. AppFabric incorrect configuration Error
Need to install through Prerequisite Installer.

The blog post here helped to resolve the same.

Find the successful installation screenshot.


The blog post here gives you a glimpse of SharePoint2013 templates screenshots.

SharePoint 2013 RTM Evaluation Download

SharePoint 2013 RTM evaluation is available for download now. Download the evaluation version here.

Office 365 Preview Account for developers

While trying to start developing SharePoint 2013, I found trial account for Developers. Check out this link. Check out this link also

Find the site created by default in Office 365 developer – public facing.


Check a blog on NAPA developer tools here

TFS Foundation Service Live

I just wanted to keep my code on cloud in a great source control. If we’re in a project with small team, how do we use a great TFS with out paying huge. TFS Foundation service helps you on that. Upto 5 users Team foundation service is useful. It is free.

I have registered in Team foundation service using my Live Id. You could also register at

SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

The technet artcicle about the changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 is available here. It is useful if we’re planning for a SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 migration. This is also useful if wer’e about to build a SharePoint 2010 solution. We could avoid items which would be useful for migration later.

[solved] log4Net not working

In one of the projects, I tried to configure log4Net. I followed all the steps required. However I didn’t see the log messages. I found that you have an option to enable debug messages of log4net to be written to trace. helped me to troubleshoot.

The key idea is to have

<add key=”log4net.Internal.Debug” value=”true”/> in web.config app settings. Also enabling trace to be listened in a file. This could be configured in <system.diagnostics> node.

I found that log file name which I mentioned was the faulty.

Thanks to the blog posters.

Windows 8 launched

Windows 8 has been launched officially. Watch the web cast of Windows 8 launch event here.

SharePoint 2013 certifications

SharePoint 2013 certifications would be available in Feb 2013. The links for the details are as follows

1. 70-331 Core solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013

2. 70-332 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013

Praveen Batula’s blog gives me lots of information on SharePoint 2013. One of the interesting information about WCM improvements in SharePoint 2013. Find out here.